Icons // The Life & Death of Bill Cunningham

What I find most inspiring is the passion Bill had, to the extent where he refused pay for majority of his life in order to maintain truth and innocence. He could not be bought, neither could his work, he only wanted to share the art with the world. But share it without the industry forcing it's opinion upon it. Sharing it to breed a more individualistic flare in each and everyone who would read or see his work. Be it the Upper East side Socialites at elaborate banquets, or the flamboyant eccentricity of self-made characters criss-crossing the streets of New York.

Having now viewed "Bill Cunningham - New York" tens of times, in addition to following him for a great deal of years, to me Bill embodies what I view as the current major quandary in todays world of fashion. Fast Fashion. Fashion means money. Fashion is loosing all creativity in order to create the greatest, quickest profit. Fashion should be an art. And although I also understand the way the business world works, I believe currently it is not working and creativity is paying the price. Fashion weeks are being reshuffled. Perhaps in years to come they will not exist. Too much a strain is upon designers and the art of fashion becoming more and more constrained. Increasing numbers of designers are expressing their own worries about this issue, one that led to the resignation of Raf Simons at Dior. 

What started out as a brief piece on one of the influencers in both the fashion world and my personal life, has led me onto an important issue in the industry. An industry I will absolutely be returning to in one or more future posts in further detail.
I just wonder how other people have been influenced by Bill Cunningham, his ideals, and what your views are on 'Fast Fashion", so feel free to leave ideas, opinions and questions below


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