On A Personal Note...

All things Hollywood glamour, in the traditional sense, are the epitome of fashion to me. Forever Timeless. I grew up surrounded by my Mother and Grandparents, both of which have an enormous influence on my style today. And being sat down to watch old Hollywood films, such as High Society, The Seven Year Itch and Houseboat, in addition to, most likely, every single Hitchcock film in existence, will most likely be linked back to in all my personal creative work whether intentional or not. I find films are the best way to expose yourself to new influences, opinions, visuals, art movements, music and icons. Something that can lead you in completely different directions from your original path of ideas. The exposure to each character and their individual thoughts, opinions and styles. And for me, there are in fact few modern films produced that I believe fully push the boundaries creatively. 

Since my childhood exposure to the traditional Hollywood films, I have since expanded my taste in films to include those such as the works of Jean-Luc Godard, Francois Truffaut, & Roman Polanski. Raymond Charles adaptions portrayed by Humphrey Boghart and Lauren Bacall are another favourite, as is Belle De Jour. Catherine Deneuve, Grace Kelly and Tippi Hedron to name a few of my absolute favourite actresses, whom all carry themselves with the confidence of Old Hollywood, they exude a glamour that few naturally carry these days. Innocently graceful. 

The few modern films that I include in my personal library include A Single Man (which I have to limit myself to a singular monthly viewing as to not overwatch, with Tom Ford being one of my top icons), Basic Instinct, and The Great Gatsby (although I thoroughly enjoy the original equally). I also have a slight obsession with documentaries, especially of the biopic genre. I find nothing is greater than being able to grow from and learn life lessons from those of extraudinaire, whom you would not ordinarily meet let alone have the chance to learn from.

In the future I shall be posting pieces containing my thoughts, opinions, favourites, actors, directors, movements, creative direction, music, books, photographers, styling, writers (the list is endless) in addition to the latest news in the fashion, marketing and technological industry that I find intriguing; but I thought it appropriate to outline where my own personal tastes stem from.


P.S. I am forever looking for new inspiration and creatives to learn from and inspire me, so I forever welcome any suggestions, questions and discussions!

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