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There numerous factors I concider when looking for icons who inspire both professionally, in beauty and fashion, and spiritually, that determine my love and obsession. From both the past and present I search for those who I dream to covet, those that remind hold or carry myself in such a way, to keep class and grace as the upmost importance in a woman, next to intelligence. Or remind me to keep my mind open to new pathways of thought, and can teach me their own life lessons in business, fashion, art, beauty, or any other venture. 
When it comes to admiring people, they may be someone I admire and covet but that does not necessarily mean I idolise them. They cannot simply 'be beautiful' but must exhude something special, instill inner confidence. 

Catherine Deneuve is one of those women, to me, who does just that. The Parisian actress, while having one of the most exquisite faces, still holds an incredible sense of dignity. 

Unexpectedly, the first film I ever watched Deneuve in was Roman Polanski's 'Repulsion', where she plays a mentally unstable girl with low self-confidence and issues drive her to the point of madness. Then the other well known films such as Luis Bunel's Belle de Jour and Francois Truffaut's The Last Metro.

Visually, I am a huge fan of any woman who can look just as sensual with their hair piled up on the beach in an oversized jumper, as when she is made up, in a Givenchy dress and dripping in Harry Winston diamonds. Catherine epitomises this. yes, these woman are beautiful regardless but what makes them so beautiful is that they appear to be truly comfortable in their own skin without succumbing to the pressures of heavy makeup or tight clothes and surely this is the kind of beauty that we aught to want our daughters to admire and the kind of beauty that we believe is unhealthy to aspire to.

Things have changed, certainly; we all know almost anybody can be 'famous' now and the word celebrity really does scorn the genuine stars of the industry amongst Instagram filters and contouring. Remember that diamonds do exist amongst the rough.


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