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Robert Mapplethorpe is amongst not only what I see as the top class of photographers, but one of the icons that has acted as an influence to push my opinions and thoughts out of my comfort zone )old Hollywood glamour and the jazz age). His work, even though produced in the 70s and 80s is to me still at the height of modernity and  relevance.

In September 1989 Robert's exhibition was highly controversially closed and sent to trial, in what went as unacknowledged as Art.

Mapplethorpe made something out of his polaroids. 
He encorporated them into a type of Art. 
Which was something no one was doing.

He always wanted to go further. 
He was glamourising the penis.

Robert was a Devil and an Angel.
He was reliant on his charm.

Was he ambitious?
..... That is an enormous understatement.

Although the documentary maker seemed more obsessed with Mapplethorpe's explicit photographs and journey into sadomasochism, and little was shown on his lesser known series, such as his flower imagery and portraits, I did find the imagery displayed entirely powerful. This was a compelling view of Mapplethorpe that did'nt shy away from his narcissism, sexual bravado and a definite mean streak. Tracing his birth and childhood right through to his death of AIDS in 1989, using interviews from friends, family, models and ex-lovers, viewing this highlighted how Robert's photography become contemporary fine art; he had bold vision that ignited a culture war I believe is still raging today. 


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