The FCP Course and Reflection // Corrine Day's Influence and Reflections

Having greatly researched Corinne Day (See previous post) I found her influence on our outcome extremely beneficiary. Personally, I tend to have an OCD level of attempting to attain polish and 'perfection'; and Day's visual aesthetics meant I was being pushed out of my comfort zone.

To say I was extremely excited for this shoot is an understatement. I, currently, am aiming for a future involving Creative Direction, editorials and photography. And this process was of great interest and enjoyment to me. And although, as all creatives do, I may in years to come look back and think how limited my own skills were, I am sure I will still be proud of what I and my team achieved in this shoot. 

Corinne Day’s “let’s Dance” shot in April’s 2004 of Vogue resulted in us choosing; accidental authenticity, modern femininity, de-glamourised, intimate friendship and mismatched. Having been given glasses, we decided to shoot in outdoor locations in keeping with Day’s own realism style of photography. The Belgrave Rooms, a phone box and in the street by student accommodation seemed result in the best shots from the vast number and locations we had. Using a selection of glasses we embellished ourselves allowed us to hit into the ‘modern femininity’ and ‘deglamourised’ through damage and being set in real locations, alongside the use of natural lighting. The research of Corinne and her recorded diary was what gave us an insight into her hard-edge photography style for our post-night out shoot.

Having gathered our equipment and props we assembled ourselves, and went through our plan of action whilst adding any embellishments or finishing touches. Whilst planning to stay open-minded, see where the shoot took us, we made use of the natural sunlight and environment for our, currently, limited skills and low budget was a large factor. As the shoot progressed, we tried numerous locations from under car wheels (and being greeted by the owners with confusion) to hanging items off the metal hangings inside a dimly lit car park with our wide array of props. Taking a number of photos amongst rubbish, cigarette butts, broken glass and a rather grimy phonebooth (at this point we realised the importance of carrying hand sanitiser with us on our travels...), we experimented with slightly differing concepts and layouts, which played to our advantage as the numerous outcomes meant we could fit in each of the key words without over-complicating any individual image. 

We went on indoors, and spontainiousy created a second concept. One which relayed more of Day's ...... tones and qualities. These consisted of me, sat on the bathroom floor amidst the scenes of a party with friends, sat by the toilet and with the glasses and glitter fallen inside the toilet. 

We ended up opting for the first concept's images over the second as it was much more in keeping with her own style AND the brief. However, I do prefer some of the images from the second shoot, which unfortunately were not chosen mainly due to the fact they wouldn't have printed well on paper compared to their onscreen images. 

Final images:
Image 1: Shot by Myself, Creative Direction Myself, Heather and Morgan, edited by myself
Image 3: Shot by Heather, Creative Direction Heather, Morgan and Myself, edited by myself
Image 4: Shot by Morgan, Creative Direction Myself, Heather and Morgan, edited by myself

With only being able to submit 3 images and having printed images 1-3, we found image 2 was not in keeping with the concept of the other photos and at the last minute decided to exchange it for image 4.
Overall I am extremely pleased and proud of our work. Although a shame we couldn't have perhaps submitted more photos, or the two different concepts, it was a great first experience.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on her work, or any of their own work hers has had a large influence on? 

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