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Considering Carine Roitfeld is basically my life goals, style inspiration and all-time idol in general, I thought I'd better mention her and her documentary as amongst my influences.
I must have genuinely watched this several hundred times, and that is no exaggeration. I could probably tell you the script word for word...  perhaps that isn't something to boast about though.
Not only is it an excellent starting point to those wanting to not only learn how the fashion world works and runs, but it supplies numerous points of research for anyone wishing to learn more of the influences and names within the world of high fashion. Don't get me wrong, there is one or two cringe lines, Stephan Gan claiming "it needs to be more... fashion" in a photoshoot for example, but other than that there is only love for it as a superb resource and documentary.

The journey of the creation of CR, Roitfeld's fashion magazine, documented by Fabien Constant, addresses the former Vogue Paris editor-in-cheif quoting Conde Nast in 2011 to start her own publication;CR Fashion Book. It's insightful to the industry of high fashion and although not accurate in representing all that starting up a magazine would consist of for any ordinary person, and perhaps to those of the highest scrutiny who know everything in fashion and aren't quite as in total admiration of Carine, it still goes to show the problems involved and give light to what her roles consist of, if only briefly addressed. In all it does give an inspiring look into the business and creative partnership of an enterprise, and acts as a reminder of how the most resonant sartorial fantasies begin with personal obsessions and inspiration. 

"Carine is my ideal woman... she has become a legend in her own time" Tom Ford

Using Carine as the subject for communicating the romance of fashion is an inspired choice, she epitomises re-invention in this role and highlights the necessity to be able to juggle a great number of projects with enthusiasm in order to be successful in this industry. 

For some help I've listed most of the people of importance included in this documentary (but this does not mean that you should not go and watch it now):

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On a more personal and self-reflective note, I find that if I'm not filling absolutely every minute with one thing or another to in order to stay productive, reach the high standard and career goals I set for myself, I tend to be tough on myself about it. I find myself thriving under the pressure I put on myself and number of commitments I make, it pushes me each time and I never fail to surprise myself with what I achieve. I have to pay for this year's academic fees myself. I'm working a minimum of 20 hours a week, in addition to holding the post of Academic Representative, plus all the associated commitments of such an intensive course as this one amongst other personal commitments. In the past I've worked everyday outside of my year long college course, which was admittedly more intensive than my current university course, to fund myself then too. Having previously studied Biomedical Science but leaving after second year, I can genuinely say I have since spent every hour attempting to gain any experience, and teaching myself the ins and outs of the industry and anything else culturally. Seeing this as a trait in other highly successful people in the industry is definitely inspiring and helps me to work through the tough times where I don't feel like I can fit everything in.

Has anyone watched this? What did you think of the documentary and of Carine herself? 

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