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Hitchcock is amongst the great influencers upon myself and work, and I can remember watching this precise film, alongside Marnie and Rear Window to name a few, on television from an extremely young age in anticipation. And the same can absolutely be said for that of Grace Kelly. 

Warning: I honestly tried not to go off on a tangent at this point, nor to sound to stuck up or snobbish on the subject... but the subject i progressed to address is one of my absolute pet peeves and I could argue my point till, probably, the end of time 

I often find myself questioning the casualness of peoples garment and style choices, the condition of said garments being worn, and whether most people consider or realise how they are representing themselves. At current, saying athleisure is a massive trend is certainly an understatement, it is one that is creeping into every brand, company and designer's line; and for the majority of these I can safely say I won't be wearing the trend's known associates. Not that I'm looking down or putting down those that are or do, or that I'm trying to act or dress for anyone's approval, it's just that personally I find it too casual, and don't feel comfortable dressing this way. And I'm happy to admit in certain stylings it can certainly make an impact and be as fabulous as a classic pointed stiletto, I have no issue working with these pieces. 
But, all in all I believe people should dress to be who they want to become or be perceived. You wouldn't go to a job interview in leggings or trainers, and in an industry like this you never know who you might meet or where you might meet that one connection than can make all the difference to your career, a piece of work, or just that comment that makes your day little brighter.

n.b. I admittedly also cringe at the fact that when I walk down the street about 90% of people are wearing trainers, usually with some form of jeans, often ripped (don't get me started on ripped jeans...), or leggings. Every, single, day. (obviously not an accurate figure but you get my point)

Which brings me to another point, wearing certain items or dressing a certain way is something I see have absolute correlation in how one carries themselves and acts. For example, I know that if I'm at home in pyjamas I get nothing done for the duration of wearing, yet if I got dressed then I seem to whip around achieving everything and more I set out to do. This is probably a more literal comparison.... This notion itself reminds me of the late Diana Vreeland; a woman I have the upmost admiration for in work ethic, career and strength of character, Diana used to believe that your toes should always be painted and polished, because then you would walk a certain way, carry yourself a certain way. 

Anyway, back to Hitchcock, Grace Kelly and a time of very little athleisure.

As an avid film and psychological thriller fan, especially of those of the past. And music from the past... In fact I'm pretty sure I was born in the wrong decade....
But, as a said fan of these, and as a creative, watching all possible Hitchcock films is a necessity. Today films rarely carry quite the same level of thrill. Too much focus is on the complicated storyline and plot twists, that I always end up guessing in the first 20 minutes or so. Hitchcock's are of a time where the storylines were simpler and more, well, thrilling; the plot twists hadn't been repeated time and again, and therefore are not easily recognisable and predictable. The characters, no matter what villainy they're implementing, carry themselves with poise, grace and are dressed to the nines with class, style and sophistication. Mostly. Dial M for Murder isn't exactly the most known of his films, it isn't The Birds or Psycho level of notability. But in my opinion it should be right up there with the others. And in it it sees Hitchcock plays the claustrophobic settings and paradoxes, jealousy and violence, adultery and blackmail, fate and man's willpower. 

Grace Kelly's presence and role in this film is another reason for my obsession over the film, as is Rear Window, To Catch a Thief and Marnie (the latter a role which was initially written for Grace but her engagement caused retraction of the role, leading to it being played by Tippi Hedron; another actress and woman I hold the upmost admiration for). Everything from both Grace Kelly's and Tippi Hedron's character to their style is something I try to emulate or at least remind myself of (and if I was able to pull off golden blonde hair, it would have been that coloured long ago).

What started out as a film/director/actress recommendation seems to yet again ended while mainly consisting of a completely different point of conversation. In the near future, I may do a piece on perhaps what or how to dress reminiscent of this film or Grace, or of the more glamourous Hollywood styling... But I absolutely recommend all of the above, and wonder if there's anyone else that agrees with any of the points? 


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