Influencers // 'Walking', Peter Lindbergh, and the late Franca Sozzani

"The entire October 2016 issue of Vogue Italia, titled 'Walking', was shot in Manhattan around mid June. We shot for three days - 30 pages and seven models per day, 21 models altogether.
It was a great challenge to do the whole issue as a single story. The short film was shot at the same time by Thomas Lachambre, who is a very talented director of photography and filmmaker himself."
Peter Lindbergh

On December 22, the death of Franca Sozzani was announced on social media and channels world wide, after a year of suffering a prolonged illness. 
Franca Sozzani, has always had a massive impact on my own style and creative. In my opinion, Vogue Italia is the most forward thinking and boundary pushing to date; it makes use of those photographers and creative directors that I hold the upmost regard for myself. I find myself hypnotised by the work of great photographers. Their power to communicate is the strongest of any method. And it was Franca that nurtured Mario Testing, Paolo Rovers, Herb Ritts, Peter Lindbergh, Bruce Weber and Steven Meisel; what is essentially a list of my absolute top modern day photographers.

Sozzani's first cover of Vogue Italia, August 1988, shot by Steven Meisel
Her work went beyond the pages of Vogue Italia. She was an indispensable power broker whose unequaled reach with designers, manufacturers and industrialists was what made the Italian fashion scene what it is today. Today we know for a fact that fashion stories as a platform to discuss broader affairs, and willingness to tackle provocative and controversial social and cultural issues, is a regular occurrence. It was Franca that brought this to us and so created for herself a pinnacle point for the industry. Such commissioned issue included fashion's weight debate, plastic surgery, racism and her landmark all-black issue.

"Franca doesn't realise what she's done for people of colour... It reminds me of Yves [Saint Laurent] using all the black models" Naomi Campbell

"It's not that I don't think of the past, but it's a waste of time... If you're stuck in the past, beholden to it, then your creativity is stuck there, too, because you don't give yourself a chance to evolve."

As you can see, her knowledge and thinking is unparalleled and there is an endless quantity of her quotes, or quotes of her, forever applicable to society and the industry; I will forever look back to her in my future and use her as an inspirational driving force in my creativity and career.

"I listen... but I must go my own way." Franca Sozzani

"Dear Franca,

You, the most talented, unconventional
and spirited women...
and all over beautiful!"

- Peter Lindbergh


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