The FCP Course and Reflection // Paul Arden's 'It's not how good you are, but how good you want to be'

This book is one that I am positive I shall be coming back to time and again as the industry changes, and as my career progresses from where it is today. I have to admit, a lot of the points that were included are ones that I myself had already believed or acted upon, but the book does act to reiterate and confirm these points as sturdy and significant enough ideas to intrust in. Furthermore I think it's context, that are issues or methods I hadn't thought of for myself, will be most useful as I progress in entering the industry and exit the academic world. Of course it's all relative, but to be honest I knew a lot of these already so what I can take and use at present from the book is a little limited. 

At this realisation I wanted to ensure that I, in fact, was able to make the most use of what I had learned from Arden, and so I thought it best to create a list. This could perhaps act as a plan of action or rather plan of thought-process, things to do in certain situations, or to lift me up when I'm stuck in one of those lost and low collection of feelings that come with stress occasionally. Although some may technically not be grammatically correct, it is for my own personal use so I was aiming for each point to get the message across as opposed to be for others to understand and use

Feel free to use this process yourself, however for it to take the most effect upon you it is perhaps necessary that you make your own version of the list having read the book. The list could be used as a background on your MacBook, stuck to your noticeboard or wall, or even placed in the front of folders.


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