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Today Kurt Geiger revealed the new face for their SS 2017 Campaign, Edie Campbell, and launched the campaign on all social media platforms. With working for the company, I have all my apps set to notify me of their new posts and I had been highly anticipating the drop of the campaign having seen the behind-the-scenes film clips and photography on Snapchat and Instagram Stories. 
I found there campaign was definitely more refreshing than i had expected, and believe it will be great at targeting the younger and more trend-driven audience. I'm glad to see their Spring lines taking a more playful and experimental approach, and for some reason I am obsessing over the gold and white Lobster slip ons. I have no idea why. But there it is. 

Love, Magic & Enchantment

"Throughout the collection, excess is unapologetic in the form of crystal embellishment, exaggerated bows, an abundance of pearls and vintage-inspired hand sewn appliqués. 
A tiny glitter bag in the shape of a heart can be worn as jewellery, with platform wedges so high your head will be in the clouds!"
Rebecca Farrar-Hockley, Creative Director

Edie Campbell as the Face of the campaign, shot by Frame Denim's Creative Director Eric Torstensson, was an excellent move for the brand's target market. As the heroine of Kurt Geiger's fashion fairytale, she embodies the exquisite uniqueness that goes alongside Kurt Geiger's Spring 2017 aesthetics. Although perhaps her posing is a little limited, it therefore doesn't distract too much from the styling or pieces which completely carries the campaign to greater heights. The line, following alongside other brands with the painterly movement for Spring, reminds me of Gucci Spring 2017 runway and perhaps also a little of Marc Jacobs and maybe even Viktor & Rolf's SS 2017. This, alongside the make up bearing similarities of Kenzo's SS runway, David Bowie's 1970's beauty look, and historically, geisha's use of rouge, is what should work to sell the line both alongside high fashion and high street designs. 

"The collection sees decadent fabrics with rich silk satin, Italian grosgrain, suede and soft calf leather. A pretty colour palette of English rose, rich berry, khaki and midnight blue clash alongside hot pinks and bright fuchsia. Blending casual with formal, the realms of day and evening-wear are distorted to create statement shoes designed to be cherished and worn everyday."

The classic Spring imagery of nature is celebrated through delicate oriental print fabrics and hand sewn floral embellishments. Motifs of humming birds, eagles and swallows are dotted across the line. Providing surprise and escapism is an excellent take when designing a line, todays world can be repetitive and gruelling enough as it is without haven't to wear clothes which do not seek to uplift the wearer.

Initially this campaign seemed to be targeting the younger target audience, but in an age where youth sells I thought to myself that I should me more thoughtful that people shouldn't be dressing certain ways at certain ages. Don't get me wrong, this is something I absolutely whole-heartedly agree with and support, there is nothing more fabulous than a woman or man dressing precisely how they want to, to express their own thoughts, feelings and style through their clothing. But in this age where 'youth' is pushed onto us and targeted, I occasionally have to take a moment to remind myself this.

What do you think of the Campaign?

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