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I thought I knew how great sales wear, as I'm sure we all do! But I was astonished not only at how large a price drop Kurt Geiger's footwear and accessories dropped in towards the end of sale, but by the fact that so many people would walk over to Topshop shoes to buy theirs instead. Topshop's high street shoes seem to often be a similar price level AND lower quality, the majority are trend shoes that I imagine most purchasers won't be wearing next season and thrown to the back of the wardrobe. The fact that these are constantly chosen over footwear of a higher quality and more classic style, that will be able to worn with each seasonal trend, surprises me. Especially when many customers are students who have limited income and would be much better off, financially and stylistically, making investment purchases. Especially when the price of said investment pieces are the same price as those with limited wear!

I thought I'd include some of their current designs that we have in stock that I personally adore, and believe are an absolute bargain!

Taxx, Carvela - Was £160 now £36

Both Carvela, from £110 to £59

Carvela £99 to £29

Lizard, KG Kurt Geiger, was £110 now £29

At this point, I thought I'd also bring up an issue I've noticed. Working in Topshop, and whilst spending my time browsing other highstreet stores, in the past 6 months or so I've seen, much to my annoyance, that even though the prices of clothing have been increasing, in certain stores the quality of the actual clothing and accessories has dramatically dropped. Fabrics, embellishments and the general sewing and cutting is absolutely not of the quality it use to be. These seems a rather outrageous prospect considering the increase in price during the time period. Obviously this is a reaction to Brexit and an attempt in remaining in profit. But surely this cannot be the way to go, producing even lower quality products that last even less with wear and time, must only add to the fact that we already waste so much money on unnecessary clothing (myself included) thus getting ourselves into more debt, as a whole, whilst have a negative impact on the environment and sustainability. 
I've always preferred spending a bit more on items that last and aren't as likely to go in and out of current trends; classic, timeless and investment pieces with the occasional trend piece if it's in keeping with my own style. My pieces last a great deal longer and I am sure that I end up spending less overall whilst also looking more put together. At the beginning of gaining my current job, I found myself saving piles of shoes and clothing, but as time has gone on and I've noticed this high street situation, I've found myself swiftly attempting to switch back to my old, more investing spending habits... 
Has anyone else noticed this or found themselves thinking the same things?

Thanks for reading, Charly xoxo

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